ACSCI Big Buck Contest Rules

  • Hunter must be an ACSCI member in good standing prior to the start of NYS hunting season (Oct 1st)
  • Existing ACSCI members must have their Adirondack-Catskill chapter dues and SCI national dues paid in full prior to October 1st
  • The deer entered in the contest must be taken in New York State
  • The deer must be legally taken and tagged by the hunter
  • The tag must remain with the antlers
  • The contest ends at the December chapter meeting when the current year's Big Buck Contest winner is determined. Only deer legally taken by an ACSCI member during the current hunting season up to the December meeting date are considered eligible for the contest.
  • Antlers are scored at the December meeting. The highest score, using SCI scoring rules, will determine the winner.
  • The winner of the Big Buck Contest will get a shoulder mount of the deer completed by a taxidermist who is an ACSCI member.

At the December 2022 monthly Chapter meeting in Cold Brook, we held our annual Big Buck Contest. Once all entries were measured, it was determined that James Brown won the contest. 2nd place winner was Richard T Hazard.